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Researcher Visits

Dundee Science Centre are excited to offer pre-booked researcher visits on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. You will be situated in our purpose-built Culture Lab room, located at the back of the Centre on the ground floor.

We will be running two sessions a day on Saturday’s and Sunday’s, with one running from 10am to 12:30pm and the other running from 1pm to 3:30pm. Researchers are able to conduct research for one of these sessions, or for a full day. We do also run a general public session on a Wednesday, which runs from 11am to 2pm – whilst this is generally quieter than the weekend sessions, the audience tends to be of a younger age (early years and children not old enough to go to school).

For more information about our researcher visits, please consult the document below:

DSC Researcher Visit Brief 2023


Room Facilities
  • The standard set up for the room is 2 small tables and 4 chairs suitable for small children
  • The room itself can be closed off to the rest of the public areas through the two doors
  • There are two plug sockets in the room
  • Dimmable lights
  • When the room is in use require “Do not enter” signs, which can be placed on the doors when closed
  • The room can also be subdivided into two smaller rooms
  • If you require any further equipment such as tables and adults chairs, or specific items, please let us know in advance of your visit
Visitor/Participant Information

As a requirement of booking, we need the following multimedia items:

  • A4 information sign to include:
    • who/what organisation will be performing the research
    • where the research will be taking place
  • what the research will consist of
  • what is the aim of the research/why is this being conduct

This document will be placed in a stand at our Reception area, which will be visible as visitors arrive at the centre.

Video/slideshow/image for the TV monitor outside Culture Lab, including:

    • a video, image, or set of slides to display whilst research is being carried out. Whilst we do require the same information as the information sign above (who, what, where, and why), this can also be used to display anything you think would be relevant to your research, show off your research, or even entice potential participants to take part.

All multimedia items must be sent to and approved by the Dundee Science Centre in advance of your session.


Throughout Your Visit
  • Dundee Science Centre runs timed sessions, which last for 2.5 hours and can accommodate up to 175 guests in each.
  • All visitors must vacate the exhibition floor at the end of these timings, and the exhibition floor is then reset and cleaned for the next session.
  • Researchers can take breaks during session resets but please adhere to timings
  • There must always be a researcher present at Culture Lab within the session times, and when there are visitors within the exhibitions – if for any reason you need to leave this area unattended whilst in the middle of a session, please do let a DSC staff member know.