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Welcome to Curiosity Corner at Dundee Science Centre!

Step into a world of wonder and discovery at Curiosity Corner. Our former gift shop has transformed into an exciting hub of curiosity, offering a wide array of educational treasures and one-of-a-kind science-inspired merchandise.

Browse our carefully curated collection of unique gadgets and gifts. From mind-boggling puzzles to captivating science experiments, there’s something for everyone, no matter your age or background.

Our knowledgeable staff is on hand to assist you in finding the perfect item so feel free to ask for recommendations on all our games and souvenirs to remember your visit to Dundee Science Centre. We are committed to making science affordable with pocket-money prices in mind

Sustainability is at the forefront of our product choice at Curiosity Corner which is why we are proud to promote the Living Nature Brand – these sustainable soft toys made from recycled plastic help kids and adults alike learn more about the diverse species that share our planet.

Gift Vouchers are also available to purchase from Reception – please ask our staff for more information about these.

Curiosity Corner is not just a shop; it’s an extension of your experience at our award-winning centre. So, whether you’re here for a family day out, a school field trip or just popping by to browse, make sure to stop by Curiosity Corner and take home a piece of the scientific excitement that defines Dundee Science Centre. We look forward to sparking your curiosity!

Curiosity Corner is open seven days-a-week from 9:00am – 5:00pm