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Offshore Wind Turbines
29 September 2023 Renewable Energy

Sustainability is the capacity to endure.  Healthy ecosystems and environments are vital for the survival of humans and other organisms. However, human activities have had a significant negative impact on the environment. To address this, people worldwide recognize the urgent need to secure a better future for…

image of the moon and clouds
11 September 2023 Space

Why doesn’t the Moon fall on us? Shouldn’t gravity pull it back to Earth? That was the question a very famous scientist named Sir Isaac Newton asked in the 17th century. The famous story tells of the scientist sitting under an apple tree at his home as a boy, and…

photo of empty chemical cylinders and glass containers
11 September 2023 Chemistry

Acids There are lots of ways to classify chemicals. One very useful way is to decide whether or not you have an acid. Particularly in films and TV, acids often shown as the dangerous, deadly, corrosive liquids that bubble green and eat their way through wood, metal, and plastic alike.