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Sustainability at Dundee Science Centre

Dundee Science Centre Green Policy

Dundee Science Centre (DSC) is committed to be a champion for sustainable operating in all areas of the organisation to complement our existing policies. Sustainability is a consideration in every part of our planning and delivery for lifelong learning both in the Centre and in the community.

This is part of the culture for all staff members promoted from staff induction onwards and promoted to all DSC visitors and partners. This culture is driven from board level and reaches to all levels of the DSC team. To ensure this is a living and auditable part of our organisation DSC will:

  • Be compliant with all environmental legislation.
  • Be compliant with all HR legislation for staff recruitment and management.
  • Create achievable improvement targets that will involve all staff levels.
  • Promote our policy to all of our visitors and partners.
  • Ensure sustainability is promoted in all DSC educational activities.
  • Ensure that external providers are committed to environmental sustainability.
  • Publish commitments with achievable targets to be reviewed quarterly at staff briefing events.
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Our Actions

As a Green Tourism Gold award winner, sustainability is a key consideration in every part of Dundee Science Centre’s planning, delivery, and culture. Over the last year, we have made numerous environmentally conscious upgrades to our infrastructure.

The most noticeable change, is that we have installed 116 solar panels on our building, estimated to generate enough renewable energy to power the entire facility. Moreover, we have coated 48 of our south-facing windows with solar film to improve the building’s heat retention and reduce energy consumption. The Centre is now fully lit by energy-efficient LED lighting including motion-activated, energy-saving bulbs. As a public space, lighting is needed 10 hours-a-day for 363 days of the year, so these upgrades will provide an estimated 8.8 tonnes of CO2 savings annually!

In addition to these visible changes, the building’s internal heating system has been improved. Originally, we had an antiquated system working at 70% efficiency and needlessly heating 500 litres of water every day. With new infrastructure investment, we now three 98% efficient boilers and all the Centre’s toilets and taps are motion-activated to cut water use.