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Natural Disasters

Part of Weather Week

We have talked about "extreme weather" conditions but what about natural disasters?

Can you think of an example of a natural disaster?

What about a hurricane, tornadoes or even a Tsunami?

We do have tornadoes in the UK but not as strong as other parts of the world.

What about hurricanes - do you think we will see one in the UK.

Hurricanes and Tornados

A Hurricane is also known as a tropical cyclone - perhaps the tropical bit will give away the answer - it is not warm enough in our country. The conditions to drive a hurricane must have a sea temperature of over 26.5 C - check the water in the sea if you are at the beach - I do not think it will be that warm!

Let's make a tornado in the bottle with the activity sheet and try not to make too much mess!


One of the most destructive of these weather conditions is a Tsunami.

These happen due to underwater volcanoes or underwater earthquakes - this is when 2 of the Earth's plates collide and cause a huge underwater tidal wave.

The volume of water that is displaced causes an incredible amount of damage - often washing entire villages away as it hits land.

Understanding how this incredible swell of water happens is fascinating, and you could even try to simulate one yourself.

Watch the video and find out more.

How Does Tsunamis Work?

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