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Dr Francesca Iezzi

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My name is Francesca Iezzi, and I am the Public Engagement Officer for the School of Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh.

My tasks include:

  • Leading and coordinating the outreach activities of the School (i.e. all activities aimed at communicating the School’s research and sharing our passion for Mathematics with the wider community)
  • Coordinating the Mathematics Outreach Team and leading students' skills development
  • Designing and running activities for the public and producing educational resources

Before moving to Edinburgh I completed a PhD in Mathematics: my research was in an area called “Topology”, which is concerned with the study of shapes.

You can read more about all the Outreach activities we run, and you can read more about me.

Maths in the Kitchen

Have you ever wondered how many times we encounter Maths in our everyday life? Well… much more than we think… and NO, it is NOT ONLY when we see NUMBERS!

I guess in this lockdown period many of you have enjoyed baking and cooking (if you were lucky enough to find flour at the supermarket!).

Today, we will see how we use Maths while cooking, and specifically, we will go beyond measuring and adding up numbers when reading recipes. We will see how important shapes are when we bake. Watch the video to find out more, and look at the activity if you want to get creative...

Francesca Iezzi
Dr Francesca Iezzi
Dr Francesca Iezzi
Mathematics Engagement Officer, University of Edinburgh

Shapeland Activity Worksheet
Shapeland Activity Worksheet (PDF)

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