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Rainforests in your Playground with Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

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**Please note this event is for schools only**

Become a member of the science team at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and head out on an expedition. Discover what it would be like to visit a tropical rainforest through interacting with real rainforest plants and exploring rainforests through our virtual reality headsets!
Then head out on an expedition into your own playground to discover how the environment in Scotland is different and to see if we can find evidence of Scotland’s very own temperate rainforests!


Thu 15 / Fri 16 / Wed 21 / Thu 22 / Fri 23 Feb

(first come, first served)


Run time: 1hr 30mins

Age/stage: P4-7 or Second Level

Max number: 33 pupils/class size

Technical requirements:

  • Ability to display PowerPoint and play sound.
  • Indoor space (classroom with tables is preferable but can be done in a hall)
  • Outdoor space (ideally with access to green space but let us know if you do not have access to green space and we can adapt). We will go outside unless the weather is really, really bad so come prepared.


Curriculum Links:

  • By comparing my local area with a contrasting area out with Britain, I can investigate the main features of weather and climate, discussing the impact on living things. SOC 2-12
  • To extend my mental map and sense of place, I can interpret information from different types of maps and am beginning to locate key features within Scotland, UK, Europe or the wider world. SOC 2-14a
  • I am experiencing enjoyment and achievement on a daily basis by taking part in different kinds of energetic physical activities of my choosing, including sport and opportunities for outdoor learning, available at my place of learning and in the wider community. HWB 2-25a

How to book


To book, please complete our Booking request form: Dundee Science Festival   Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh workshop request form (office.com)

If you have any enquiries, please contact the RBGE Education office at schools@rbge.org.uk


These workshops are brought to you thanks to National Lottery players.