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Celebrating Sustainability: Dundee Science Centre’s Earth Day Waste Reduction

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At Dundee Science Centre, we’re committed to protecting our planet and that extends to our Cafe Create, where we continue to promote sustainability through using Vegware products!

Vegware is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic products, made from renewable, plant-based materials. By using Vegware across every cup, plate, and utensil, we’re reducing our reliance on single-use plastics and minimising our environmental footprint.

In collaboration with Vegware, we have created a case study all about our journey from plastics to compostables! If you would like to learn more about Vegware, head to their website below, plus you can visit our wonderful Vegware booth packed with information the next time you visit our wonderful Café Create!


As a Green Tourism Gold Award winner, Dundee Science Centre has become a leading figure in responsible and sustainable tourism. In 2016, the centre installed 116 solar panels which provided enough energy to power the whole site. In 2023, they upgraded the centre’s internal heating system as part of a measure to limit water waste. The Vegware composting collection is just one of these measures. It is another example of how Dundee Science Centre is leading the way with its sustainability efforts.


With the number of visitors Dundee Science Centre receives, catering is a significant operation. The centre champions sustainable operations in all areas, including seeking to limit waste where possible. Where this isn’t possible, Dundee Science Centre have found an innovative solution for their food and packaging waste. It’s a solution that turns waste into a resource.

Dundee Science Centre switched to Vegware’s plant-based, compostable packaging and worked with Vegware’s Environmental team to set up composting collections. Dundee Science Centre’s staff received training from Vegware’s Waste Management Consultants on how best to dispose of their waste. This has helped visitors choose the correct bins and ensure that the used Vegware and food waste that is collected is turned into high-grade compost in under 12 weeks.


Dundee Science Centre’s composting success isn’t solely reliant on dedication of their staff however. Vegware’s Environmental team provided bespoke bin signage all around the site to help visitors understand and use the correct bin. They also worked with Dundee Science Centre staff to create an interactive booth in Café Create. This visual aid helped visitors understand the composting process and its importance in returning essential nutrients back to the earth.

The composting collections and signage have proven to be a great success according to Dundee Science Centre’s Marketing Assistant, Jessica Smith:

“The composting collections have been received positively by visitors. Many visitors appreciate the opportunity to contribute to sustainable practices while enjoying their time at the Science Centre. It provides an educational experience and shows that even small, individual actions can have a positive impact.”


Led by a Chartered Waste Management Consultant, Vegware’s Environmental team can help you find an end of life solution for your used Vegware.

Head to vegware.com for more information