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Supporting Home Learning

Welcome to our Home Learning Programme 2021

We understand that there is an information overload situation at the moment for parents and carers from schools and television and social media therefore we would like to support the great work you are doing by bringing some straight forward activities that children should be able to complete independently, along with some family fun.

During the school term each week we started a new theme and we invite you to complete the activities in order or jump in and out as you please (see below).

There are hands on activities - easy to complete at home - no complicated equipment required and straightforward easy to follow instructions.

During the holiday period we are provide a range of additional activities suitable for the holidays (however, please don’t forget to have a look back over the past weeks and see if there are any of the activities you may not have tried as you were too busy with school work).

We also have a weekly competition that is free to enter.

Home Learning 2021

Previous Weekly Topics (2020)


Supporting Home Learning

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Home Learning Programme

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