International Space Station (ISS)

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Today we are going to find out some more about the International Space Station (ISS).

Yesterday we heard from Astronaut Jim Reilly about how he travelled to the ISS 3 times.

See what you can find out about each mission and who travelled with Jim.

  • STS - 89
  • STS - 104
  • STS - 117

NASA has loads of information here for you to do your research.

Mission Badge

Each space flight has its own unique badge designed specially for that mission made for everyone to wear on their suits.

These are the badges that were made for Jim's missions but we would like you to design one for you and your fellow Space Explorers.

Have a good look at all the elements that are included in the Mission Patch and get to work.

Send us a photo of your designs.

Send Your Designs

Where is the Space Station Now?

Did you know the Space Station has been orbiting the Earth for almost 10 years now.

The ISS orbits the Earth 16 times every 24 hours. That is a lot of sun rises and sun sets for the Astronauts and Cosmonauts.

Use this tracker to see if you can spot where the ISS is when you are out doing your Star Gazing activity.

Who Lives On The Space Station?

There is space for 6 people to live and work on the Space Station which includes sleeping areas and research areas and a gym to ensure the Astronauts and Cosmonauts stay fit and well while living in microgravity.

There is an international crew on board working together to keep the station in good repair and carrying out important research experiments to help us on earth with all sorts of things from medical innovations to how fire behaves in microgravity.

The crew do spacewalks when they have to carry out repairs to the various parts of the station (as Jim mentioned in his talk yesterday).

School Experiments In Space

School children have been involved in developing experiments and sending them in the Shuttles to the ISS.

Some UK schoolchildren enlisted Tim Peake (UK Astronaut) to take seeds into space and then return them to Earth to see if they would grow.

If you had the chance to send an experiment to the space station - what would it be? What do you think would happen differently in space than on Earth?

Newton Laws of Motion

In 1665 there was a great plague and just like today everyone was "social distancing" to keep healthy. During this time Isaac Newton worked on many of his most important research. Today "Network's Laws of Motion" is still widely applied so watch this video to see astronauts demonstrating some of these principles.

Newton's Laws of Motion Video

It was nearly 400 years later before Newton's work needed to be updated by a young Swiss patent clerk. Can you guess who it was from the photo to the right?

Hint: His most famous mathematical equation was E = mc2 and we will learn more about him in a few week time...

STS 177
Mission Badge STS 117

STS 104
Mission Badge STS 104

STS 89
Mission Badge STS 89

Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton

Alert Einstein
Can you guess who this is?

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