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Scotland's Climate Week - Reasons to be Positive!

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Date 16 September 2021

Hi! My name is Issi and I am a Science Communicator at Dundee Science Centre.

Issi - Science Communicator at Dundee Science Centre

I feel very privileged to live in such a beautiful part of the world and this is why I am passionate and sometimes worried about problems affecting our planet such as pollution, loss of wildlife and climate change. I think that community climate action is really important to tackle these issues but sometimes it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Therefore, for this year’s #ScottishClimateWeek I would like to celebrate my top 5 reasons to be proud of the climate action work taking place in Scotland. I Hope that you will be inspired by the work being done right on our doorstep and recognise that a small change can make a massive difference!

1. We are global leaders!


The world is watching Scotland as later this year we are going to be hosting the world’s biggest climate summit- COP26. The aim of this conference is to gather world leaders and experts to decide what actions need to be taken to address the climate emergency, with Scotland playing a big role in this process.

2. Tippity Toppity Trees- 66 million of them!

Trees are really important for providing lovely clean air, reducing pollutants and providing a home for our favourite woodland creatures. Over the last three years, Scotland has created almost 33,000 hectares of new woodland by planting around 66 million trees. That is pretty amazing!

3. Saving the world- 10p at a time!

In 2014 Scotland started charging 5p for single-use plastic carrier bags. This doesn’t seem like much but before the charge, 800 million carrier bags were being given out every year in Scotland. This dropped by 80% after the 5p charge was introduced! This year that price has increased to 10p to help encourage even more people to bring their own bags and reduce the amount of plastic waste we use.

4. Jobs, jobs, jobs- the greener the better!

The Scottish government has committed to investing in more green jobs. For example, in August of this year £16.5 million was awarded to the Net Zero Technology Centre to help build Scotland’s net-zero economy. The programme is expected to deliver £403 billion for the economy and 21,000 jobs by 2050!

5. Citizens United! We are listening to the voices of everyday Scots!

Earlier this year a report was published with the recommendations from Scotland’s Climate Assembly. This was Scotland’s first citizens’ assembly focused on climate change, with 100 ordinary Scots being brought together to discuss how should Scotland change to tackle the climate emergency in an effective and fair way? To learn more and read the report click this link Scotland's Climate Assembly Recommendations for Action .

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