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School Outreach - Healthy Body Bits

Photo of Stuffee our giant stuffed doll for outreach activities

Due to overwhelming demand we have booked all places for our Healthy Body Bits workshop  for March and April. We may potentially be able to take bookings next school term. If you would like us to visit your school for an outreach session with Stuffee please email learning@dundeesciencecentre.org.uk and we will pop your school on a waiting list and get back to you in due course. 

The Dundee Science Centre is able to offer our Healthy Body Bits workshop to primary schools, with our Science Communicator team coming to your school to deliver this FREE educational session about the human body.

Please note that this outreach will require a private room/hall big enough to accommodate up to 30 children sat on the floor or on benches. We will also require close parking and step free access into the space as Stuffee is quite big and heavy for our staff to carry long distances. If on arrival our staff deem the area not to be suitable to deliver the workshop, we may have to rearrange for a more suitable location.

Healthy Body Bits – suitable for P1-P7

P1-P4 Curriculum Links 

With the help of Stuffee – a giant ragdoll with removable organs – learners will explore our major organs, what they do and how to keep them healthy.

Curriculum Links: Body systems and cells: HWB 0-47b, SCN 1-12a

P5-P7 Curriculum Links 

By investigating some body systems and potential problems which they may develop, I can make informed decisions to help me to maintain my health and wellbeing. SCN 2-12a

I have explored the structure and function of sensory organs to develop my understanding of body actions in response to outside conditions. SCN 2-12b


Capacity & Age Range

Each workshop is 30 minutes long and is suitable for ages P1 to P7. We can accommodate up to one class, or 33 pupils, per workshop.

The minimum booking for a full day workshop is 8 sessions, or 200 pupils. We can however accommodate up to 10 sessions and 300 pupils if necessary.

The minimum booking for a half day workshop is 4 sessions or 100 pupils.

Dates & Times

We offer the Healthy Body Bits workshop as both a half day outreach, or full day;

The full day outreach for our Healthy Body Bits workshop, runs from 9am to 3:30pm, with these times are inclusive of setup/pack away times.

The half day outreach can be delivered in either the morning or the afternoon, with a morning outreach running from 9am to 12:30pm and the afternoon outreach running from 12pm to 3:30pm


Our Healthy Body Bits workshop is offered on a funded basis, with no cost to the school for this outreach (although we do require a minimum booking of 4 workshops or 100 children).


Geographic Range

We are currently able to offer this outreach for free to schools located within 25 miles of the Dundee Science Centre – please see a map of this range below.

We may be offering this outreach further a field a later date – if you are interested in signing your school up for a Healthy Body Bits workshop and are located outside of the current range please email us at learning@dundeesciencecentre.org.uk and we’ll add your name and school to our wait list.


Photo of Stuffee our giant stuffed doll for outreach activities