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Birds In Winter

Part of Winter and Conservation

During the winter months, we must keep feeding the birds in our gardens and even in the parks.

There are not many seeds and berries around for them and very few insects as they are hiding from the cold, wet weather in the insect hotels we made in the summer.

Why not make some pine cone bird feeders for your garden or window sill.

Watch the video to see how to make your own.

How To Make Your Own Bird Feeder Activity

Did you have a real Christmas tree this year? Is it still lying in the garden?

We got this great idea from a friend of DSC.

Lean your tree - with no baubles of course - against the shed or fence or tie it to the washing pole and then hang fruit and berries and fat balls on it. The birds will love having some protection from the evergreen branches.

Which birds are you seeing in your garden at the moment?

You must remember to check the water in your birdbath. The little birds will not be using it to bath, but they will need it for drinking, so check it each day to make sure it is clean and not frozen over. Also remember to wash and dry your feeders so they are nice a clean for the birds.

The DSC team has been watching the birds in their home area and have seen goldfinches and robins and blackbirds.What are you seeing?

Here are the most common ones - check to see if you can spot any when you are out for a walk.

19 Common British Birds You Can Find In Your Garden
19 Common British Birds You Can Find In Your Garden

Why not check around and see if you see anything a little different that might be here just for Winter.

One of our team walks along a riverbank and often sees a heron doing a bit of fishing and some little dippers. They are fun to watch as they dip in and out of the water. A great thing to do is to take part in the Big Garden Watch.

Check out here how to get involved by visiting Big Garden Birdwatch.

Big Garden Birdwatch
Big Garden Birdwatch
Photograph Credit: Catriona Komlosi
Photograph Credit: Catriona Komlosi
Bird Feeders
Bird Feeders
Heron at the River
Make Your Own Bird Bath
Make Your Own Bird Bath (PDF)

This page is part of the Winter and Conservation information.

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