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You will maybe have read recently that everything is being done to help our little bee friends as they must have the correct habitat to flourish and keep up the fantastic work they do. Did you know that it is thought that a third of the food we eat every day relies on bees to have been involved in the pollination. They are, of course, assisted by other insects and birds and even bats!

Keep an eye out in your garden for bees and watch carefully as they work away on the flowers' pollen. Take good care not to disturb them. Look at the flowers they are enjoying and plant more of them.

Remember, not all bees live in hives. Some live in the ground in a nest - for example, the Mining Bee is a solitary bee species that nests in the ground on its own. In fact there are 200 different solitary bee species in the UK.

Watch this video to learn more about the bees in Scotland and then you can read more about How Bees Make Honey.

Slow Motion

Now checkout our slow motion video of a bee flying. This video was recorded just this weekend in the sunshine. Can you hear the bee's wings beating?

Did you Know...?

  • Did you know that bees have five eyes - they can see light but not shapes.
  • Bees groom themselves and one another a bit like a cat to keep their lovely furry coats clean and neat.
  • The flavour of your honey is determined by the flower that the nectar comes from - you will have seem heather honey in farm shops and garden centres perhaps!

Do some research on bees and let us know what you find out.

Have a go at our bee crafts on the next rainy day, and send us your photographs of how you get on.

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Slow Motion Bee Video Can Your Hear the Wings?

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