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Animal Tracking From Prints

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When you are out in the park and garden on your daily walk, look carefully in the mud for the different tracks. You may well see a deer hoof or two, and for sure there will be rabbit footprints.

There are many foxes - called urban foxes, living in towns and cities so look carefully around the bin areas for tracks as foxes look for any waste food that might look a bit tasty. Although in the wild foxes would eat meat predominantly, those living in a more urban area will eat leftovers from our household refuse!

If you are going out tracking, it would be good to try to be out in the morning as early as you can as most of these animals are searching for food during the night.

Download the Animal Tracking From Prints (PDF) to help you spot these tracks.

The Woodland Trust also has a good Animal Tracks: Snow Print Identification guide to get you started.

You can also watch this video.

YouTube Video: Animal Tracking from Prints

Sample Animal Tracks Gallery

Can you recognise these tracks? This gallery is part of the Nature Detective Week.

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