World Environment Day

Part of Flight Week

This week we have been finding out about all forms of flight from mechanical to winged animals and insects.

Today is all about birds but since it is World Environment Day we thought we would begin with how we can do small things every day to help our environment.

Recently there have been reports in the media about how our sky’s are clearer and there are more birds in our gardens. Why do you think this is?

Is it due to less aeroplanes in the sky or less cars on the road?

Have you spotted anything different while out on your daily walk?

Do you hear more bird song or maybe a few birds your don’t recognise - we saw a Jay recently - they are quite timid birds so was a lucky find!

World Environment Day promotes ways to improve the Earths environment, such as conserving forests.

Forests of all kinds are important to us - keeping the air clean and supporting all sorts of wildlife.

Remember on Tuesday we found out that bats are a key sign of the biodiversity of our countryside - the theme of this year's World Environment Day is Celebrate Biodiversity.

Forests for Nature - The State of the World's Forrests

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