Healthy Body Bits (Early Years)

With the help of our giant ragdoll Stuffee, we find out about our major organs and what they do. HWB – Mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing

Healthy Body Bits (P1-P3 Workshops)

With the help of Stuffee – a giant ragdoll with removable organs – learners will explore our major organs, what they do and how to keep them healthy.

Destination Space (Third/Fourth Level)

Hands-on experiments and dramatic demonstrations will explore the science and technology behind some of the latest developments in space exploration.

Medical Detectives (Third Level)

A range of hands-on activities, which can be tailored to different classes and curricula, explore the various role and procedures that go on in medical diagnosis.

P7 Celebration Day Visit

Celebrate your P7's achievements and moving into a new chapter of their lives with a fun-filled Celebration Day visit at Dundee Science Centre!