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Wildflowers and Nature Photography

Part of Summer Holiday Programme

Did you have fun in the rock pools last week? Hopefully, you will have lots of drawings in your nature notebook of the wonderful things you found on the beach - we love the beach even when the weather is not so good!

Now that your shoes are empty of sand, we thought that this week we would suggest a walk in the park or even into the countryside; now that we are allowed to travel a little further.

So this week is all about wildflowers and we have a great competition!

There are lots of lovely wildflowers around in the parks and grass verges. There has been less grass cutting in our communities, due to lockdown period, so we thought it would be nice to have a closer look at what has appeared.

Watch this video to learn how to recognise common wildflowers.

12 Spring Wildflowers You Should Know

The Wild Things web site also has a lovely Flower Fun worksheet to do.

We all know about dandelions and buttercups but there are many more. The lovely part is if you look really closely at the petals you will be amazed at the detail and the colours.

It is often said that we should give over part of our garden to wildflowers to attract bees, butterflies and other pollinators. We tried to photograph some bumblebees and butterflies on the flowers and had mixed results - you have to be very patient. Remember we gave you a link to learn how to watch wildlife - have a quick look over to remind yourself.

Did you build an insect hotel in Spring Week? If so maybe you have some bees resting up there!

Fun Activity: We have made a Wildflowers Activity Sheet (PDF) for you to print or download on your tablet/phone so that you can take with you when you are out and about. How many of these can you find? If you find something different take a photo and send us a photograph.

Take your nature notebook and collect some flower petals as we are going to press them and make pictures and frames from them later in the week.

Perhaps you are saving this activity for the weekend - thats perfect you can do everything at once!

Competition Time: The competition this week is for the best nature photograph. We will extend the deadline so you can all take your time to find what you want to photograph and when.

Now you do not need a fancy camera to take your photo - you can borrow your grownups phone for it or even a tablet.

We cannot wait to see how you get on - enter as many times as you like.

Send Your Photographs

If you need some inspiration try watching these videos.

12 Spring Wildflowers You Should Know
Top 12 Wildflowers For Children
Wildflowers Activity Sheet
Wildflowers Activity Sheet (PDF)
Flower Fun Activity Worksheet
Flower Fun (PDF)
Nature Photograph Sample
Sample Nature Photograph (taken with phone)
Nature Photograph Sample
Sample Nature Photograph (taken with phone)
Who Can You Spot In The Photo?

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