Rivers and Waterways Week

Why Are Rivers Important?

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Towns and cities are often built on the banks of rivers or the sea coast, as they have long provided an easy source of food and water.

Rivers were also great for transport in days when roads were not very well made and took a long time to get anywhere. River transport was quicker and safer! No highway robbers!

See if you can make a twig raft and let us know if it floats.

Think of the largest cities in Scotland - Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee - all with water nearby to support industry and transport. Allowing ships from all over the world to deliver goods and people!

Nowadays rivers are used to supply water to homes, farms and factories. We often harness energy from rivers in hydro projects which we spoke of in week 1.

There is an abundance of wildlife on rivers and at estuaries - what have you seen down at the river's edge? Have a look here and see what’s going on under the water.

Learning from Home: What Lives In A River?
Scots - Teeny Tiny Twig Rafts
Scouts - Teeny Tiny Twig Rafts
Dunkeld, UK
View towards bridge over the River Tay in Scotland

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