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Who Shares Our Birthday?

Part of Summer Holiday Programme

Can you think of anyone who shares a birthday with us!

Do some research and see what you find out!

We discovered that there are actually quite a lot of famous astrophysicists and pharmacists and wonderful engineers who have discovered and invented all sorts of exciting things over the years that were born on the 1st July, so we are actually standing on the shoulders of giants!

During Flight Week we discovered how human flight began and just how much science was required to defy gravity. This was an exciting time and being the first person to do anything takes a great deal of courage and determination, and for this reason, our absolute favourite has to be Amy Johnson - a pilot and an engineer!

Amy Johnson was a pioneering British female aviator who first achieved fame as a result of her attempt (1930) to set a record for a solo flight from London to Darwin, Australia, although she missed that record by three days. She took up flying in 1928, and also showed talent for mechanics. By 1930 she had qualified as both a pilot and a ground engineer. Flying a De Havilland Moth, Johnson set out to beat Bert Hinkler's record for flying to Australia. Though she did not beat the record, she made it to Australia, and was given a hero's welcome. She was the first woman to make the trip. The Daily Mail gave her a £10,000 prize.

Johnson made other long-distance flights. While on a flying mission for the Air Ministry, on the 5 January 1941, she disappeared over the Thames estuary.

Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson British Aviator

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