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Our Blood

Part of Body Bits Week

Yesterday we were learning about our bones and today we are going to find out about our blood and how they work together.

Blood is essential for life and flows through our body circulating all the essential nutrients and oxygen we need to keep our bodies working. Take a look at the picture of the pathways our blood takes around our body.

Our blood is responsible for removing waste materials from the body. It travels through some of our internal organs, such as the lungs and the kidneys, filtering out all of the waste.

Blood also has a very important role to play in fighting infection. Our bones are filled with bone marrow which releases white blood cells and allows them to charge to the rescue and do a search and destroy function. They sometimes hang around in parts of our body just waiting until they are needed!

Our bodies are amazing machines, doing all this to keep us fit and healthy.

Where Does Blood Come From?

Watch the first few minutes of this Operation Ouch video and you may be quite surprised.

Blood and Cardiovascular System Video

So now you know that bone marrow produces our blood cells.

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