What Does Science Mean To You and Our Community?

The Gathering Place In Our CONNECT Project Will Be An Important Hub Within Our Centre

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Date 27 January 2020

The gathering place in our CONNECT project will be an important hub within our centre, transforming the Coffee Shop into a place for people to socialise and relax, as well as a fun place for people to engage with science.

This area will be shaped by the community. Our ASN Bench within the Gathering Place will be a joint effort between Dundee Science Centre and the service users of the Assisted Needs Panel and our wider community and audience.

This bench will have a game of matching cards, this interactive will be perfectly suitable for all of our audiences. We need your help to create the images that will populate the matching cards. There will be 50 wooden cards in the matching game, so we need 25 different illustrations to complete the design of the Bench.

We are a Science Centre that wants everyone to feel welcome to engage with us. We believe that your personal experiences with science, no matter what these are, are valid and should be celebrated with others to serve as an inspiration of change for the future generations.

We would like you to answer this question:

"What does Science mean to you?"

Using a thick black permanent marker, make us a drawing that answers this question so that we can turn your drawing into a card for our Bench. You can also submit a written description of what you would like your drawing to be.

Please send your creations to media@undeesciencecentre.org.uk by 30 January 2020. Remember to include your first name and a brief statement of one line or two explaining what your creation means to you.

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