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Part of Weather Week

Where does rain come from?

None of us like the rain and it can be quite destructive when there is too much of it and we end up with flooding. So where does it come from...

It all starts with the warmth from the sun - it heats the sea or water on land - the water then begins to evaporate. it changes from a liquid to a gas and this warm air then begins to rise.

The warm moist air starts to cool as it reaches the cold air high up in the atmosphere. Condensation occurs and of course we know what happens next... clouds are formed!

You can build a mini water cycle in a bag now using our Water cycle in a Bag worksheet activity.

The water droplets all join together to form clouds and when they are big and full enough - yes it rains!

There are 3 types of rain:

  • Orographic Rainfall
  • Convectional Rainfall
  • Frontal Rainfall

Watch this video to learn more about why it rains.

Why Does It Rain?

Follow the instructions on the worksheet to build your own Rain Collector and Gauge - and yes your first place to go again is the recycle box!

You can also read 10 Weird Facts About Rain to learn some strange things!

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