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10. Extreme Weather

Part of Weather Week

We now have a better understanding of clouds and rain from earlier this week and found out about using the sun for power - but what about extreme weather and so-called natural disasters.

Can you think of an extreme weather situation that has happened in the UK recently?

What about flooding?

In February this year, we had so much rain that there was serious flooding on the roads, and rivers were bursting their banks - some people had to leave their homes because of the flooding!

It was much worse in England where houses and cars were completely covered in water.

UK Floods

What about heavy snow?

The so-called "Beast from the East" in 2018 brought much of Scotland to a standstill with motorways blocked and people stuck in their cars for hours and hours.

Beast From the East

Do you remember this?

Why not add to your weather station by building a wind anemometer by following our activity worksheet.

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