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We Are Inventing Exhibition Zone

Do you remember our iconic Giant Head? We said goodbye to our Giant Head exhibit back in the summer of 2020 and welcomed our new We Are Inventing zone.

"Everything starts with an idea. No matter how crazy is it, you should always try to bring it to life." - Ann Makosinski

Get your inventing hats on and see what you can come up with in this area!

We Are Inventing - Dundee Science Centre Tours (YouTube Video)

Air Table & Chart Challenge

Explore and experiment with paper airplanes to see what materials and shapes work best and to see how they react in the air flow. Watch your creations fly. Have a look at the Air Table in action.

Air Table - Dundee Science Centre Tours (YouTube Video)

Press the button to start the airflow, place your object on the Air Table and turn the dial to control the speed of the airflow.

Use the Challenge Chart on the wall next to the Air Table to see how far you can get your invention to reach.

Investigate which shapes and materials rise and hover in the air the best? Find out what happens when you increase and decrease the airflow?

The shape, size, surface area, weight, and orientation of an object will all affect how the object moves.  Engineers will design and test lots of different shapes and sizes to find out which one works best!

Shapes which catch air – like a parachute – use drag force to keep them in the air longer (or decrease their terminal velocity).

Some shapes, like the wing of a plane or an arrow, will be able to move through the air easily, these objects are “streamlined” or “aerodynamic”. These tend to be thinner on one side to cut through the air.


We’ve seen some pretty impressive creations so far, including cranes and car. Use the bolts to connect each piece, you can even make the piece moveable.

Rigamajig - Dundee Science Centre (YouTube Video)
Construction - Dundee Science Centre (YouTube Video)

Tinkering Walls

You’ll find out Tinkering Walls on the back wall of the exhibition which includes our Cog Wall and out Plumbing Wall.

Have a go at moving the gears on our magnetic wall to fit the cogs together on our Cog Wall. Turn the handle on the big wheels to see what happens.

Cog wall at the Dundee Science Centre (DSC)
Cog wall at the Dundee Science Centre (DSC)

How do the gears fit together? How many gears can you get turning from just turning one big wheel?

Cogwheels, or gears, are mechanical parts with teeth that fit with other gears. These are used in different kinds of machines that do physical work, but we also use them in watches and toys. You can even see this in can openers!

Connect the pipes and make a plumbing system on our Plumbing Wall so that the ball can travel all the way through!

Plumbing wall at the Dundee Science Centre (DSC)
Plumbing wall at the Dundee Science Centre (DSC)

Work as a team to connect the different appliances together. How long can you keep the ball travelling?

Engineering plays a huge part in our everyday life. Everything human-made is engineered. From the floor to the door, the washing machine to aeroplanes!

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