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Warddykes Primary School's Climate Mission!

Collaborative Science Projects

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Date 23 March 2021

An Angus primary school class is making the finishing touches to a science project aimed at helping "kids teach kids".

Following an approach by BBC, we have asked Warddykes Primary School in Arbroath to help create a film for The L.A.B Scotland. The BBC outreach project aims to develop digital media literacy across Scotland, challenging different groups to create their own content which will then be shared with other school children.

Armed with a bespoke activity pack from us, the primary four class and their teacher Mrs Pamela Walker have been preparing content for a film about climate change, from the creation of a script through to the artwork. The class will shortly gain some filming tips from the BBC team via Zoom before Mrs Walker supports the children with the film-making itself. Once approved by the BBC, the final cut will see pupils introducing themselves and the project, footage of classroom climate change activities and tips on what other youngsters can do to combat the challenges.

The film will be used as an online resource for school pupils while the artwork they have been creating will form part of a future exhibition about climate change in our centre.

With primary schools now back in the classroom, Jennifer Sanderson, Acting Principal Teacher of Warddykes Primary School said the class couldn’t wait to get back to school to finish the project in person –

"We were delighted to be approached by Dundee Science Centre to work on this exciting topic. During lockdown, it was an ideal way to maintain teamwork, challenging the class to work together while they couldn’t meet face-to-face. It’s also been fascinating seeing them develop skills they didn’t know they had! Kids can do so much to teach other kids and this project is a prime example of that. It’s so exciting to think that our film will end up as a resource to teach thousands of other children all over the country and perhaps further afield!”

One of the pupils involved, Clay Duncan (8) said,

"I liked finding out facts about climate change and how much we are changing the world. It was better learning at home as we didn't get distracted and it was nice to know what we were coming back to."

Connor Wight (8) added,

"It was exciting to learn something new about the climate."

Carlene Cura, Development and Fundraising Advisor, Dundee Science Centre added,

"Climate change is a brilliant topic for this project as there’s endless scope for activities, experiments and discussion. We’ve loved working with Warddykes Primary on this project and are so impressed by their energy and enthusiasm. We can’t wait to see the final cut and showcase their work in the science centre when we re-open!”

For further information or questions, please email Carlene Cura, Development and Fundraising Advisor:

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Warddykes Primary School Pupils
Warddykes Primary School Pupils
Warddykes Primary School Pupils Working
Warddykes Primary School Pupils Working