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Tips and Tricks for the Photography Competition

Part of Summer Holiday Programme

Today we are providing you with a list of tips and tricks to take better photos for our "Nature" photography competition.

Remember: If you have any questions about any of these tips or tricks (or you would like to send your own tip) please just Contact Us.

Example 1 - Tips and Tricks Sample

Tip: This photo would have been better if I had lowered myself down to be more level with the Swan.
Example 2 - Tips and Tricks Sample

Tip: Oops - forgot about the shadow (select Enlarge to see what I mean)!
Example 3 - Tips and Tricks Sample

Tip: The focus on this one was really lucky as you can see the water pooling in the petals.
Example 4 - Tips and Tricks Sample

Tip: Being able to zoom in once you have taken the photo and see the detail on the little hover-fly was lovely!
Example 5 - Tips and Tricks Sample

Tip: Sometimes you manage to draw the focus onto the area you want and sometimes not - we took five photos before this one!
Example 6 - Tips and Tricks Sample

Tip: A real photographer told us once that the best way to take a photo of any animal pet or otherwise is to try to be on eye-level - this one is close!
Competition Time: The competition this week is for the best nature photograph. We will extend the deadline so you can all take your time to find what you want to photograph and when.

We cannot wait to see how you get on.

Remember that you can enter as many times as you like!

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