The Continents Changing Over Time... The Story of Pangaea

Part of Planet Earth Week

It is understood that the seven continents, that we have today, were once all connected! Let's learn more...

The theory was originally put forward by German geologist Alfred Wegener in the early 20th Century. Wegener theorized that the world's land was all one large supercontinent 200 million years ago. He named this supercontinent Pangaea, which is Greek for All-earth.

Not many people believed him but then over the years many more scientists researching discovered that Wegener was actually correct.

Similar fossils and rocks were found in both the African Continent and the South American Continent suggesting a shared land where animals could roam from the North Pole to the South Pole.

Why not try making you own fossils using our Make Your Own Fossils Worksheet activity?

Look at the outline of these continents - do they look like they used to fit together?

Now watch this video to see how the plates will move in the future...

Future Plate Motions and Pangea Proxima

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