The House Fly

Part of Flight Week

A few fun facts about the common house fly:

  • The house fly can travel a distance of up to 2 miles.
  • House flies live on a liquid diet and poop A LOT.
  • They can walk upside down, using suction pads on their feet.
  • Flys can reach about 3600 feet high when flying, it gets too cold to go further.
  • Flies look like they only have one set of wings but when you look really closely you will see a second pair of much smaller secondary wings, these are called halters. They use the main pair for flying, however, they do use the halters to help keep their balance when up in the air. If they didn't have both sets of wings they would not be able to fly.
  • They beat their wings 200-300 times a second!
  • They can travel at 4.5 miles an hour, pretty fast for a tiny fly.

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