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Draw A Skeleton

Part of Body Bits Week

Let's see if we can draw our own skeleton. Work out which bones belong in which part of the body.

Think about the largest bone in your leg is it the top or the bottom?

Have a look at the worksheet and see how you get on.

You will need some help with this one.

Keep your skeleton as you are going to need it tomorrow to add some of your internal organs - or you can draw a new one.

Did You Know...?

There are two bones in your lower arm called the Radius and the Ulna.

Measure the distance between your wrist and your elbow now measure the length of your foot.

What did you find out?

Try this on someone else in your house - someone taller or smaller than you.

What did you find out?

Your Funny Bone

Did you know that our “funny bone” is not a bone at all but a nerve - that is why it feels a bit funny if you bump it on just the right spot - ouch it really tingles!

Draw A Skeleton Activity Worksheet
Draw A Skeleton (PDF)
Learn How To Draw Bones

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