Solar Panels at Dundee Science Centre (DSC)


Dundee Science Centre Green Policy

Dundee Science Centre (DSC) is committed to be a champion for sustainable operating in all areas of the organisation to complement our existing policies. Sustainability is a consideration in every part of our planning and delivery for lifelong learning both in the Centre and in the community.

This is part of the culture for all staff members promoted from staff induction onwards and promoted to all DSC visitors and partners. This culture is driven from board level and reaches to all levels of the DSC team. To ensure this is a living and auditable part of our organisation DSC will:

  • Be compliant with all environmental legislation.
  • Be compliant with all HR legislation for staff recruitment and management.
  • Create achievable improvement targets that will involve all staff levels.
  • Promote our policy to all of our visitors and partners.
  • Ensure sustainability is promoted in all DSC educational activities.
  • Ensure that external providers are committed to environmental sustainability.
  • Create a “Green Team” to ensure there is ownership of this policy from all areas of the organisation.
  • Publish commitments with achievable targets to be reviewed quarterly at staff briefing events.
  • Proactively use COP26 in 2021 to drive showcase best practice.


  • DSC board of directors will promote the organisation as a green champion and provide oversight to this policy.
  • DSC staff team will ensure our sustainable processes are followed and will be encouraged to be active members of the “Green Team”.
  • DSC staff team will promote our sustainability achievements and commitments to all of our visitors, partners, and collaborators.

Our Commitments

For our building

  • Install a solar PV array to reduce reliance on the national grid. To be functional by May 2021.
  • Investigate funding to replace the building thermal system. Target May 2022.
  • Upgrade all remaining non LED lighting to energy efficient LED, with motion activation in low traffic areas of the building. Target May 2021.
  • Upgrade all water flush systems and sinks to motion sensor activation to reduce water use. Target May 2021.
  • Provide waste management procedures to ensure recycling for all materials used by staff and visitors.

For our audiences

  • Enable electric bicycle hire system at the Centre and promote use within the city.
  • Promote alternative methods travel when visiting the Science Centre.
  • Provide outside spaces showcasing nature and wellbeing.
  • Provide interactive climate change learning through bespoke learning programmes and exhibits and workshops.
  • Promote social responsibility for environmentally friendly processes via our marketing and media channels.
  • Grow forums and clubs in-Centre and on-line to enable people of all ages to participate and contribute to our sustainability ethos.
  • Provide engaging COP26 programme in partnership with Scotland’s Science Centre Network.

Dr Isabel Bruce OBE
Chief Executive

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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