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Green Health Week

Period: 8-16 May 2021

Welcome to Green Health Week at Dundee Science Centre! We’re taking part in Dundee's Green Health Week, and have put together a load of activities where you can connect with nature, get some fresh air, and have fun!

Kickstart the week by learning about nature around us with our collect and investigate activities. Our webcams and citizen science links mid-week will give you some ideas for how to engage with nature from inside your home. For the last weekend, we’re getting active and seeing how exercise affects our body, before trying out some grounding techniques and taking a well-earned rest!



Webcam Links

There are nature-based webcams all over the world! From zoos to nature reserves to puppy day-care... Join in and have some fun engaging with nature!

Webcams are a great way to engage with nature from the comfort of your home. Thanks to modern technology, you can watch live streams from around the world! Check out a few below.

Ape antics of siamangs and orangutans at San Diego Zoo
Watch the ape antics of siamangs and orangutans at San Diego zoo
Pandas at Edinburgh Zoo WebCam
Catch up with Scotland’s resident pandas at Edinburgh Zoo
Underwater cam in Meeru Island - Maldives live cam
Relax with live images from a sea bed in the Maldives
Puppy playroom at Warrior Canine Connection (Maryland USA), a centre that trains service dogs to help veterans.
You might see lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalo at this African watering hole
Live osprey nest camera at Loch of the Lowes Wildlife Reserve
Somerset Barn Owl Live Stream

Herb Kits

Indoor plants bring a range of health benefits, have a go at growing your own herb garden and learn about the uses of these plants!

Watering Herbs

Citizen Science

Citizen science is a way for everyone to get involved with scientific research!

Taking part is a great way to learn more about how research is conducted, help expand scientific knowledge, and make a difference in your local environment.

UK Pollinator Monitoring Scheme
Part of the UK Pollinator Monitoring Scheme, this survey aims to assess changes in insect pollinator populations across the UK. To take part just spend 10 minutes counting the total number of insects that visit a flower!
Nature’s Calendar
Record the signs of changing seasons with Nature’s Calendar, a project aiming to track the effects of climate change on wildlife. Pick some species and a location you would like to record, then upload your observations!
Scottish Squirrel
Spotted a squirrel? Scottish Squirrels want to know about it! This easy to fill in form allows you to upload any sightings, helping to track squirrels across Scotland.
Urban Flora of Scotland
One for the serious plant lovers! The Urban Flora of Scotland project is looking to record plant life in towns and cities, creating a database of wild plants.
Got a spare 10 minutes? Zooniverse lists a whole range of international projects that you can get involved with from home. This could be exploring galaxies with ‘Galaxy Zoo’, spotting animals in pictures for the ‘Iberian Camera Trap Project’ or keeping an eye out for pollinators with the African ‘Buzzy Bee’ project.

Grounded In Nature

Learn about calming mental health activities, different breathing techniques and how these affect your nervous system. Suitable for indoors and out!

Active In Nature

Why does your heart beat faster after exercising? Why do you get short of breath? Why do your muscles get tired? Find out how exercise affects your body!

Also see our other Home Learning Topics information and our Learning Resources.

If you have enjoyed these activities please share them with your friends and family.