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At Dundee Science Centre Gift Shop, we pride ourselves on being just a little bit different! We sell all sorts of novelties and oddities, so when you're looking for something quirky and cool, our Gift Shop is the place to be! Dundee Science Centre Gift Shop is available to the public at no cost, so pop in, and get a gift that stands out from the rest!

We like to tailor our gift shop stock to our most current exhibition, as well as having a good few novelties and science related items of course!

We have incredibly detailed 3D posters of Astronauts, and the International Space Station!

One of our most popular products is our Mini Encyclopedia: Space Edition!

As well as our Space products, we also have an excellent range of Dinosaur related goodies! From our small dinosaurs, to our large plush dinosaurs, you are sure to find something for anyone crazy about the prehistoric creatures! We even have Dinosaur Eggs, so you can grow your own!

We also stock Dinosaur themed 3D Posters and Jotters, great for decorating a bedroom, or taking to school!

For those who love a bit of chemistry, we have a fantastic selection of Crystal Growing Kits! With three different styles, you can be sure to find the kit for you, and start growing some beautifully coloured crystals!

We also have a range of crystals to buy, like our Bright Geodes and Quartz Points!

Perfect for a collector!

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Dundee Science Center Gift Shop
Dundee Science Center Gift Shop
Dundee Science Center Gift Shop
Dundee Science Center Gift Shop