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Future Developments

CONNECT: Development Updates

We are incredibly excited to share with you the development of CONNECT in this key design stage. In July 2020, we announced the appointment of our design team who we will be delivering our centre’s refurbishments.

We had the pleasure to work with AIM Design for our first floor Medical Marvels exhibition and Science Learning Suite. This exhibition recently won in the Exhibition Category of the Scottish Design Awards 2019. AIM Design will also be supported by Christie & Co., Elders Consulting Engineers and David Narro Associates during the construction stages.


Our Assisted Needs Advisory Panel has provided our design team with key information regarding the ergonomics and design of our new spaces. We hosted Co-Design Workshop where the participants played an active role in developing the interactives for one of the benches in the Gathering Place.

This group also supports our team by instigating initiatives that advocate for accessibility, using Dundee Science Centre as the trial platform. One example of these initiatives is the addition of sensory backpacks to our visitor offer.

Play and Learn: Launching Our Early Years Focus Group

In order to get the required expertise to understand our audiences, the CONNECT team formed the Early Years Focus Group, with members attending from the University of Dundee, Psychology Department, ABC Lab (University of St Andrews), Abertay University, local nurseries and renowned private practitioners with a focus on early cognitive development.

Members from local community groups, such as Breast Buddies Dundee have also taken part in this group. During our first meeting, the group truly represented and expanded our vision of achieving an inclusive, welcoming and long-lasting experience for our audiences, suggesting potential immediate changes, future training for staff, and design modifications.

New Exhibits and Interactives

The Gathering Place - Re-imagining where science learning happens, the Coffee Shop will transform into The Gathering Place where people socialise and relax with intriguing injections of science, again all shaped by the community.

Keeping Up-To-Date

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