Eggsperiments Week

Period: 6-12 April 2020

Welcome to our Eggcellent Eggsperiments Week.

It's Easter week so Dundee Science Centre thought you deserved some holiday fun after working so hard last week finding out lots of fun facts about eggs!

Each day we will bring you a fun egg related experiment or craft.

So join us every day and don’t forget to send in your photos and take part in the competition on Thursday and most importantly have lots of fun!



Naked Egg

To get us started this week we are going to do a very neat bit of chemistry - something to show off to your friends and family.

They will either think you are an amazing scientist or a magician - please let us know which it is!

Watch this video then have a go yourself by following the worksheet - it will take 24 hours for the reaction so you will need lots of patience.

Take lots of photos and maybe get someone in the house to video as you “bounce your egg”

Eggsqueeze Me!

Have you watched your Mum or Dad in the kitchen make scrambled eggs - do they crack the eggs on the side of the bowl and it breaks easily?

How many times have you seen an egg land on the floor and smash to pieces and make a terrible mess?

Today you are going to find out just how hard an egg shell actually is in 2 different ways.

First check to see if there are any eggs in the kitchen that are perhaps close to the sell by date - we do not want to waste food ever, but especially at the moment. Then ask if you can have them for your magic trick - oh no - your science experiment!

Watch the video and see someone stand on boxes of eggs - NO we are not asking you to do that but we are going to use up the egg shells from breakfast or lunch.

Egg Painting

Today is all about combining hard boiled eggs with beautiful creations and COMPETITION ALERT!

We would like you to decorate a hard boiled egg - do not forget to hard boil your egg and let it cool or things could get quite messy!

You can make a great job with felt tip pens when decorating your egg or go and have a search around the house for bits of coloured paper - left over birthday wrapping perhaps or cotton wool and ribbon. You will be surprised what your mum might have at the bottom of the kitchen drawer.

Let your imagination go wild and then take a photo and enter the competition for the best decorated egg.

Ask your family for ideas for decorating or even arrange a competition with your friends for the best decorated egg - maybe go with a theme you are all interested in such as Minecraft or Lego.

If you have any eggs left over why not have an egg and spoon race with your family - make an obstacle course in the hallway or in the garden!

Floating Eggs

Do eggs float - have you checked if you are having a boiled egg for breakfast? Let's see when an egg floats and when it sinks?

Any ideas of how to do this?

Check out this video below and our worksheet!

Friday and Monday Holiday

Please Note: Have a lovely Easter Weekend and we will see you back here on Tuesday.

Don't forget to enter our Competition before Monday (there are lots of great prizes).

Also see our other Home Learning Topics information and our Learning Resources.

If you have enjoyed these activities please share them with your friends and family.