East Fun Week

Easter Fun

Period: 29 March - 4 April 2021

With Easter just around the corner we thought we would have some fun this week with eggs and Easter gifts.

Save all the egg shells in your home this week so you can have a go at the activities.

Its good to learn some new facts as we have fun though, so we are going to start with making Geodes!



Making Geodes and Easter Presents

Do you remember during Planet Earth Week that we were finding out about what our planet is made up of? We also looked at different kinds of rocks and where they are found such as sedimentary rock and volcanic rock. Have a look at Planet Earth Week if you haven't done so before.

So we are going to make Geodes, but what exactly is a Geode?

A Geode is a plain-looking piece of rock on the outside but when you split it open it has a cavity inside filled with crystals.

But how does this happen...? Well, of course as with all rock formation - any changes occur over a very long period of time.

The cavity can be caused by gases that have become trapped in spaces when the magma erupts and the lava flows and they cant escape. You can imagine there being lots of gasses around when a volcano erupts - did you see the eruption recently in Iceland on the news?

I don't think I would like to get this close!

The other way the cavities can be formed is by tree roots and plant roots being trapped as sedimentary rocks are formed and then they rot and decompose.

The gap that is left behind allows the mineral material to form.

Have you seen Geodes for sale in gift shops on your holiday in the UK? You will often see them for sale and they get more expensive depending on the size and colour.

Let's make our own! Make them whatever colour you like!

We thought it would be nice to give some Easter gifts this year to help our pollinator friends that we were finding out about last week.

We have Seed Bombs and Sunflower Eggs for you to make.

Then we make a tasty gift with some chocolate in it! You can make that for your best friend or your favourite Aunt or your Granny!

Please send us photos of what you make!

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Home Made Geodes
Our Geodes Eggs
Home Made Geodes
A Close-Up Of Our Geodes Eggs
Home Made Geodes
A Few Days Later...
Home Made Geodes
A Few Days Later...

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