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Super Week!

Part of Summer Holiday Programme

Welcome to Super Week! This week is all about being super.

We all love the superhero films and the amazing gadgets and powers they have but it is important to remember that everyone has their own super powers whether it is being great at looking after your pets or being good at sport.

Being super is about being the very best version of yourself and trying your hardest to be a good person and being good and kind to others.

There are many people in our community who have been amazing superheroes over the past few months of lockdown. The doctors and nurses and the delivery drivers and the shop workers and all the people who have worked hard to support us through the pandemic. What about the grownups who have helped us with our schoolwork at home when the schools were closed. So many superheroes around us!

Let's think about the movie type superhero - did you watch the films with Tony Stark inventing an amazing suit that allowed him to protect the world by transforming him into Ironman?

He was able to use jet propulsion to defy gravity and fly to his missions - and away from his enemies.

So much of that technology is very much in the imagination of the creators but the more we learn and explore and invent the more chance we have of building something amazing like Richard Browning - he is a superhero engineer!

Remember during Flight Week we looked at the history of human flight - well Richard has taken it to another level after spending time with his Dad, who was an aeronautical engineer and shared his passion for flight!

Richard will tell you that his successes are due to his deep interest and passion for all areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). His drive and enthusiasm have resulted in some exciting inventions!

Watch these videos to learn more.

60 Seconds Introduction
Learn More Gravity Industies
Fun Activity: Why not design your own superhero or make your own superhero mask! Look at the CBC Kids Super Hero Mask templates for ideas or draw your own from scratch! Don't forget to send us a photo of your efforts.

Send Us Your Photographs
Reminder: How are you getting on with your nature photography? Remember to take your time and find the right time and place and you will do really well.
Fictional Iron Man Suiting Up
How Gravity Built the World's Fastest Jet Suit
CBC Kids - Make Your Own Super Mask
CBC Kids Make Your Own Super Mask!

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