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Super Fit

Part of Summer Holiday Programme

On Tuesday we were thinking about superheroes and how we can all be a superhero in our actions and deeds and we also found out that studying STEM subjects at school could lead to all sorts of exciting careers.

Today we are focusing on being super fit and just how fast a human can run and a bird can fly and an animal can run and of course what about aeroplanes and space rockets?

Have a look at the activity sheet and see if you can find out how fast everything on the list can travel (in miles per hour).

We had a race at the Dundee Science Centre to see how long it took us to run 50 meters - we were not brave enough to try 100 meters.

How about trying out to see how fast you can run - practice for a while and get your best time.

To start you will need to measure the distance you are going to run. You need a start and a finish - perhaps you could mark the positions with chalk or a some sticks.

Ask someone to help you with a timer - most mobile phones have stopwatches on them. Practice to get your best time and then challenge your family and friends to a race! (Check first that you are allowed to do this according to the current guidelines on social groups.)

Let us know your times!

We managed 13 seconds! How did you get on?

Now watch the video on how the fastest humans on earth at the moment train and how scientists are trying to perfect techniques to work out just how fast humans can run if the conditions are optimal. Its quite a long video - about 15 minutes but it is really good!

Why It's Almost Impossible to Run 100 Meters In 9 Seconds | WIRED
Interesting Fact: Did you enjoy Weather Week? We found out lots about different types of weather then but have you every wondered why you see lightening first then the thunder. This is another great fact to amaze your family with!

Question: Lightening and Thunder occur at exactly the same time - so why do we see lightening first?

Answer: Light travels faster than sound - light travels at 300,000,000 m/s whereas sound travels at 340 m/s so therefore the light gets to us much quicker!

Watch these videos to find out the fastest birds on the planet and the fastest animals.

Fun Activity: Now you have learnt more about how fast some animals can run why not try filling out our As Fast As quiz and see how many you remember... You might need to ask a friend or family member to help answer some of the questions! Let us know how you get on!

See you on Tuesday!

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