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Spring into Action

Part of Spring Week

During this time of home schooling lots of boys and girls have been encouraged to continue taking daily exercise. Some of us are doing online workouts, some of us are going on a fun walk and some of us are lucky enough to get out on our bicycles.

But why is this important?

When you exercise you get stronger - your muscles get stronger.

Did you know your heart is a muscle? And this muscle also gets stronger when you exercise. A strong heart means each strong beat pumps more oxygenated blood around the body to keep you alive.

So let's look closer at what does your heart does? In this Operation Ouch YouTube clip (below) Dr Xand and Dr Chris explain how the heart works.

What is the difference with your heart beat when you are resting and just after you have been exercising?

You can check how fast your heart is beating by feeling your pulse. The NHS gives great information to answer How do I Check My Pulse.

Now do this very quick activity to find out What Happens to My Heart When I Exercise?.

You need to exercise to have a healthy heart - but it's not the only important thing!

Healthy Eating is also very important for a Healthy Heart.

What do we already know about healthy food? Can you complete this worksheet identifying Foods That Keep Me Healthy

The exciting news is that you can grow your own healthy food! Our friends at the Dundee Green Health Partnership have a video to help you get started!

This page is part of the Spring Week information.

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