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Spring into Twitching

Part of Spring Week

Did you know that someone who watches birds is called a 'twitcher'? And when they are out bird watching they are 'twitching'! Well today you are going to be twitching and we will take a closer look at the birds coming to visit your garden.

Why are we seeing more birds in our gardens in Spring? Birds, such as the Swallow, often migrate many, many miles south in the winter and then return to the same place to nest again in the Spring, so keep a look out for birds trying to repair their nests or create lovely cosy new ones to raise their little chicks.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is an amazing resource for learning all about birds and bird watching.
This week we are going to find out what different birds are coming to your garden, it is best to do this over a few days if you can.
You can watch for birds in your garden by sitting at a window with a good view or by standing very still outside to see what you can see.

Use this excellent RSPB tool to help you count the various different kinds of birds on the RSPB worksheet, RSPB Online Bird Identifier.

Sometimes you can hear a bird but not see it, especially if you don't have binoculars to help you see amongst the branches of a tree. Not to worry - many birds can be identified by their song alone! The RSPB Online Birdsong Identifier is a playlist of the common garden birdsongs for you to listen to and match to a birdsong you have heard in your garden. Remember to listen carefully when you are out on your walk to try and identify any birds close by.

As with many things in nature, birds are amazing and very talented! This clip from BBC Earth on YouTube (below) shows an example of just how amazing!

There are many things you can do to make your garden more wildlife friendly and one of them is to have a Bird Bath. A bird bath is helpful as it helps the bird maintain healthy feathers, it might also attract other birds to your garden, birds that don't like the bird food you have put out and so you wouldn't normally see them.

Follow our simple Make Your Own Bird Bath Guide, and remember to send in a photo!

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