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Spring into Snap!

Part of Spring Week

It's time for some fun with your family - with a game of Snap!

For this game you can print out our Spring Snap! Template and add lots of colour to the pictures, or you can make your own Snap! cards from scratch.

We are very sure you all know how to play Snap! But just to remind you...

  • The aim of the game is to win all the cards.
  • Deal out all the cards equally to all the players - face down. Each player keeps their cards face down in front of them.
  • The first player turns over their top card and puts it face up to start a pile in the middle.
  • The next player turns over their top card and puts it face up, on top of the card in the middle.
  • This is repeated by each player around the table.
  • When someone places a card that matches the card already on top of the pile in the middle, the first person to notice calls out "Snap!" and wins the pile in the middle.
  • Keep going until someone wins all the cards

Have fun!

YouTube Video: How To Make Your Own Snap Cards

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