Build a Space Ship and Travel The Universe

Part of Space Week

Draw Your Space and Aliens

What a week! We have had learning about star gazing and the solar system and of course travelling with Jim to the International Space Station.

Today you are going to build a space ship and plan your journey to a new planet.

We want you to think about the planet you are visiting - what will it look like, what size is it, how long will it take you to get there?

Once you arrive will there be Aliens living on the planet or maybe you will just meet them on the way?

Have a look at the worksheet and get to work - your starting point is the household recycling!

How To Build A Space Ship

Why not learn more about how rockets work by watching our first video below (and worksheet) and then how to build your own rocket in the second video (and worksheet)!

Balloon Rockets

Now learn how to build your own rocket (see the worksheet too)!

DIY Science - Racing Rockets

Remember: Don't forget to send us photographs of your rockets and Aliens.

Send Your Rocket and Aliens Photographs

Background Fun - Story Time in Space

Whilst you are building your rocket and drawing your Aliens way not listen to the adventures of Max...

Max Goes to the International Space Station
Max Goes to the Moon


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