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Space Travel - Then & Now

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Space travel has changed a lot over the years. In 1926, a man named Robert Goddard launched the first liquid-fueled rocket into space. Since then, technology has changed a lot, but today, we still use rockets to launch into space!

Download our 100 Years of Spacecraft which show you a timeline of spacecraft development over the last 100 years.

Spacecraft is continually changing and adapting. Check out the links below to discover more history about the Space Race and how rockets work.

YouTube Video: Rockets 101

Would you like to build your own rocket? Why not watch the video below and follow our instructions (Fizzy Rocket Launch) to learn how.

Fizzy Rocket Instruction Video Courtesy of The Royal Institution and Royal Society of Chemistry

If you like playing cards, then please try making your own Space First Trump Cards (PDF) from The National Space Centre.

Space Race
Space Race Timeline Royal Museums Greenwich
100 Years of Spacecraft
100 Years of Spacecraft (PDF)
Fizzy Rocket Launch
Fizzy Rocket Launch (PDF)
Space First Trump Cards
Space First Trump Cards (PDF) The National Space Centre

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