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Mrs Shobna Vasishta, National SHARE Programme Manager

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Their job: Shobna is the National Programme manager for SHARE. She has been in this role since 2013. Shobna oversees all the members of the SHARE team and ensures everything is run effectively and efficiently.

Career Experience: Shobna gained a BSc in Pharmacology from Surrey University, and has worked with various Pharmaceutical companies, such as MSD, GSK, SKB, Sanofi and Novo Nordisk, for 25 years. The last 12 years have been spent project managing clinical trials within the University of Dundee.

Fun fact: Shobna has raised over £8 million for the Institute of Cardiovascular Research (TICR) Appeal, a charity based at Ninewells Hospital that conducts research into heart disease.

Shobna Vasishta
Mrs Shobna Vasishta, National SHARE Programme Manager.

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