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Shells and Seaweed

Part of Summer Holiday Programme

We hope you are all set to go rock pooling or maybe you have already been?

We found lots of different shells and have provided you with an identification sheet to get you started.

Fun Activity: Take photos of the shells you spot and let us know if you find any different ones. If you are lucky, you might find a sea potato or a common limpet. Collect as many different ones as you can and make a picture or add them to your nature display.

Send Your Photographs

There are lots and lots of different kinds of seaweed on the beach - it can also be found in sea lochs around Scotland.

What is Kelp?

Kelp is a large brown seaweed that you will often see washed up on the beach. This seaweed lives in what is known as Kelp beds and they provide food and shelter for many marine animals. When there is a thick kelp bed underwater there will usually be a rock formation under and around the bed and in there will live sea anemones and little fish and sponges. It is thought that they can provide a home for as many as 70 different species!

Kelp is so important that it is protected in 17 locations around Scotland. So although it seems like slippy sludge on the beach it has actually been doing an amazing job in the sea.

Learn more by watching this video.

Virtual Dives - Kelp Forests and Harbour Seals in the Sound of Barra

There are some edible seaweeds that apparently taste like cabbage - if a little salty. We do not plan to find out!

Don't forget to let us know if you spot any different seaweeds.

When you lift up the seaweed you will perhaps see little jumping creatures - these are sand hoppers. They will jump fast and high to get away from you.

Keep an eye out to sea when you are at the beach as there have been swordfish spotted off the coast at Portobello (Edinburgh) and there is a pod of whales swimming off Shetland at the moment.

We know there are dolphins in the Tay Estuary but keep a lookout for anything else there is plenty going on in our seas at the moment!

Lastly don't forget to watch this video about this unusual Scottish sheep!

Why These Scottish Sheep Eat Seaweed?

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