Sensory Bags – What Can We 'See' Without Using Our Eyes?

Part of Early Years Week

We are going to see how much we can tell about something without being able to look at it.

Hide objects and see if your early explorers can figure out what’s inside! Download our activity sheet to find out more.

To extend their learning, try hiding different smelling foods in covered baby food pots or small bowls. Have them smell the food with their eyes covered, and ask them to describe how it smells. Then, have them guess what the food is. Were they right?

This can be done with all 5 senses!

Some Science: Our brain takes information from all our different senses to build up a picture of the world. The fancy term for this is "multimodal integration". We use the senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Touch includes feeling the pressure from an object as well as the temperature.
Art and Science: Sensory Bags

For the older ones, DCA have created a Face Time Portrait Challenge PDF for you to draw using your non-dominant hand to engage with both sides of the brain. Our mind takes in information using lots of different senses. In this portrait drawing challenge we are challenging your brain to do this by experimenting with drawing using different hands and without looking and going really fast!

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