Rivers and Waterways Week

River Tay

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Our River Tay is designated as a special area of conservation. This is mainly due to it supporting Atlantic Salmon!

What about the beavers on the Tay - do you remember what their favourite thing to do was?

Have a go at River Bingo - watch the video about the longest river in Britain - the Severn - and listen for the words in the table.

River Severn Source to Mouth
Tay Catchment Video by Rebecca Wade

What if we want to store water and make use of the power that the water brings as it moves along.

This is called a dam. There are many kinds of dams - find out more next!

A photograph taken from Dundee Waterfront, Scotland
A photograph taken from Dundee Waterfront, Scotland - Photo by Thomas Mills on Unsplash
River Bingo
River Bingo (PDF)
Dawn on the Tay Estuary
BBC News - Source of River Tay 'pinpointed'
Source of River Tay 'Pinpointed' (BBC News)

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