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Meet Rebecca Wade

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Today we are fortunate to have a guest post from Dr Rebecca Wade, who is a lecturer at Abertay University, she teaches Environmental Science and Civil Engineering.

Rebecca is taking part in the Homeward Bound (HB) programme, a ground-breaking, global leadership initiative, set against the backdrop of Antarctica, which aims to heighten the influence and impact of women in making decisions that shape our planet.

Watch Rebecca's fascinating talk to learn more!

Antarctica Week Talk - Dr Rebecca Wade

You can learn more about what it is like to be there by watching this video of last year's programme ("HB4") and what last year's participants saw on their trip.

Antarctica - A day in the life of HB4

Getting Dress Up!

Antarctica can be cold, very cold and so it is essential to wear the right clothes to keep warm. Watch this video from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) about the clothing that you would need to wear. Travellers with BAS get a kit list – a bit like kids going to Scout camp!

BAS Clothing Film

In Flight Week we learnt about Drones and they are often flown in Antarctic too. Watch these videos to see what Antarctica looks like from the air.

This video shows Haley Station being moved to a new location in February 2017. British Antarctic Survey (BAS) successfully relocated Halley VI Research Station to its new home on the Brunt Ice Shelf. It took 13 weeks to move the world's first fully relocatable research facility 23 km across the ice.

This is a video about Rothera Station (BAS) and it shows a drone flight over the station.

Finally, today we have a longer video from SCIENTISTS AND EXPLORERS LIVE - What do Penguins and Coral Reefs have in common?

We hope you enjoyed today and see you tomorrow for our end-of-week challenge!

Dr Rebecca Wade
Dr Rebecca Wade, School of Applied Sciences, Abertay University, Dundee, UK.

Rebecca Wade is passionate about working with nature to gain benefits for people and planet. She believes that by working together we can deliver multiple benefits that can help address the climate emergency, the biodiversity crisis and the need to create healthier communities for future generations.

Rebecca is a lecturer at Abertay University, she teaches Environmental Science and Civil Engineering. As a STEM ambassador she has made lots of visits to schools in Dundee and across Scotland to inspire girls and boys to study science and engineering subjects.

In addition to teaching, she carries out research on water, rivers and green & blue spaces. Her research work focusses on:

  • Ecosystem services (the benefits people get from nature, including people’s health and wellbeing),
  • River restoration (helping rivers to be more natural to reduce flooding and support wildlife), and
  • Sustainable water management and blue/green infrastructure (to help adapt cities to climate impacts like flooding and droughts, but also support biodiversity, and improve community spaces for people).

She runs an international network dedicated to sustainable water management (SUDSnet), is an Institution of Civil Engineers Superhero (Eco-Crusader), a gender-equality champion, a landscape champion (in SAGES and Scotland’s Landscape Alliance), a Fellow of the RSA, a Director at Dundee Science Centre (representing Abertay University) and a Trustee of the Esk Rivers and Fisheries Trust. She is also a dedicated mum, wife, friend, and mentor.

Rebecca was born in Dundee, after finishing school and college she studied geography at Dundee University. She has also studied, lived and worked in Illinois, USA. Now based back in Dundee, she has worked at Abertay University for 18 years. She works on projects that help improve the environment of Dundee and Scotland, as well as other projects that take place all over the world.

And, perhaps most importantly for this special week of DSC Antarctica projects - Rebecca is going to Antarctica! She has been selected for the prestigious international Homeward Bound initiative, a year-long women in STEMM leadership programme culminating in a life-changing voyage to Antarctica, one of the most ecologically sensitive and inspiring areas on Earth. She is super excited to share her enthusiasm for STEM and for Antarctica with all of you!

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