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DSC Selected For National Community Engagement Project

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Date 16 March 2021

Dundee Science Centre has been selected for a national community engagement project, aimed at engaging under-served and under-represented communities and audiences.

We have been awarded £15,000 by the UK Association for Science and Discovery Centre (ASDC) as part of their Project Inspire: Digital Engagement and Innovation Programme This project is in collaboration with the Inspiring Science Fund, a partnership between UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and Wellcome

The grant will allow us to identify barriers which might discourage certain individuals and families from engaging, find out their preferences and together trial and develop new ways for them to engage digitally. As well as collaborating with charities who support some of these under-served communities, we will also gain inspiration from other partners in the use of accessible technologies.

Rebecca Duncan, Head of Development said,

“We have made huge leaps when it comes to community engagement and, over the years, have positioned ourselves as leaders in this field. We have taken a huge range of fun and educational activities out to families, school pupils and others who perhaps felt detached from us, or unsure if Dundee Science Centre was for them!

“While that face-to-face work will pick up in the months ahead, we are also building on that, looking at new ways we can reach and connect with under-served communities online, providing them with fun, engaging activities while developing their confidence and life skills in the process.

“However, we can’t assume that everyone digests our content and activities the same way – some people struggle with literacy or IT skills. Others might feel that ‘science’ isn’t for them, that it’s intimidating or irrelevant – or perhaps they want to get involved in our online activities but don’t have access to the internet. T his project will allow us to work with families and local charities who support these key groups, to establish what they’d like to see from us in the future, and how we can deliver these activities and programmes to them in a way that suits them.”

Please keep an eye out for the outcomes from the project which will be shared in the Centre and on our digital platforms, we will be encouraging others to get involved.

For more information, you can contact Rebecca Duncan, Head of Development via e-mail at

Further information is available on ASDC’s web site at

Also see more postings at in the Dundee Science Centre Blog.

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