Primary School Visits

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Learn more about our workshops and shows for primary school groups in this section.


Destination Space (P1-P3 Workshops)

Learn all about living in space and Tim Peake’s mission to the International Space Station.

SCN 1-07a – Forces, electricity and waves; SCN 1-15a - Materials.

Destination Space (P4-P7 Workshops)

Can life exist on Mars? What does life need to exist? How will we look for life on Mars? This workshop gives students a hands-on experience testing ‘Martian’ soil samples for possibilities of life.

SCN 2-07a – Forces, electricity and waves; SCN 2-16a - Materials.

Forensic Fingerprints (P4-P7 Workshops)

This hands-on workshop will have learners trying out different Forensic Science techniques while inspecting their own fingerprints.

SCN 2-20a – Topical science; SCN 2-14b – Inheritance.

Healthy Body Bits (P1-P3 Workshops)

With the help of Stuffee – a giant ragdoll with removable organs – learners will explore our major organs, what they do and how to keep them healthy. HWB – Mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing.

HWB – Mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing; SCN 1-12a – Biological systems.

Healthy Body Bits (P4 or P5 Workshop)

With the help of our giant ragdoll, Stuffee, and other exciting hands-on activities, learners explore body systems and how to keep them healthy.

SCN 2-12a – Biological systems.

P7 Celebration Day Visit

Our Team will facilitate fun and inspiring activities throughout the visit giving a festival feel with plenty of opportunities to explore the Centre's exhibits, fun Inflatables and take part in Maker's Lab workshops too.

The Centre will only be available to one school bubble per day and fully compliant with all COVID - 19 restrictions and procedures

Adding to the festival feel, we also have an additional catering offering with lots of yummy things to eat and drink throughout the visit. Specific allergies and dietary requirements where possible will be catered for.

To find out more or book your visit contact

How to Book

We have a range of dates available and we can accommodate multiple classes at once.

To book a visit, please complete our Booking Request Form or you can call us on 01382 868 609 to find out more and book over the phone.

What Is Included in a Class Visit?

Group visits for Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools can last up to three hours and include a workshop, time for a packed lunch, and time to explore the exhibition. Our opening times are 10:00 – 17:00 unless otherwise stated. Admission costs £4.75 per pupil, with teachers and carers admitted free of charge. Lunch bags can be prepared, if required, at a cost of £3 per pupil. During class visits, pupils can also explore our gift shop with its fantastic range of science-themed products. Alternatively, goodie bags can be ordered at the time of booking, starting from £3.


The Scottish Government provides some travel subsidies for schools in areas high on the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) or in rural areas. The Edina Trust also fund admissions for Fife, Angus and Perth & Kinross schools high on the SIMD. We are extremely grateful for this support which makes Dundee Science Centre accessible to a growing number of pupils each year.

Before Your Visit

All teachers are encouraged to come for a free familiarisation visit ahead of their school trip, to see what is available and plan their pupils’ learning. Please book in advance to qualify for free entry.

During Your Vsit

Our team will welcome you and explain what to expect during your visit. Pupils are required to be supervised throughout the visit by a responsible adult.

After your visit

We really value your opinions, so every teacher is asked to return a feedback form, and please tweet any photos @DundeeSTEMLearn

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